Some Awesome Tools


So I mentioned the first great tool, the Business Model Canvas by Alex Osterwalder and Dr. Yves Pigneur. Make sure you visit their website and maybe even take their course to learn how to master the business model. Another great tool that’ll help you keep up with your “guesses”  is Not only does it plan everything out for you, in a “to do” list form, it forces you to validate those guesses you’ve made about Customer Segment and Value Proposition for example and know where you should “pivot”. They also offer the Business Model Canvas, so you can have your business model up on your laptop with easy changes to make. Other tools on the site ( include an interview folder and experiment planning. So far this has been the most effective tool to get me working on the I have.

From the Startup Owners Manual by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf and the video on Lean Startup, I figured out through these two sources that the best way to test or validate your customer segment is creating a fake landing page and advertising it on Google Adwords. I thought I needed to spend $750 to make that landing page, little did I know, thanks to my mentor that I can make it for free on! Create a page that introduces your product or service and create a sign up form. The more “landings” you get on your page the better the more sign ups you get per landing is even more important!  It’s a great way to see if the market for your creation exists.

To get a domain name use A .com domain name is only $10.99. I recommend you get one and use it as the URL for your Unbounce landing page.

Also, my favorite tool, The White Board! It’s fun to doodle and draw your ideas out, get one to keep in your office or room if your working on a start up unrelated to your job.


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