Step 2

 Now my most annoying step was Step 2, it took me weeks to realize how to test my customer! Then I watched this long lecture by Joshua Kerievsky on Lean Startup, it’s long yes, but it made so much sense! I was stuck at the customer development stage. even when he suggests a Landing page. I have no idea how to make one! Neither do I have the money! This is where my Angel comes in, Joseph Paul Martin. No not an Angel Investor, although that is what I was looking for when I reached out to him. Key point there, I reached out! I just emailed the guy to meet up. Simple as that. He validated everything I learnt and gave me the push I desperately needed. You can watch as many videos to teach you as many skills but support and good mentor-ship is priceless. I recommend reaching out to a mentor, someone in the Startup or tech world, it is so essential to have someone motivate you and push you and tell you what to do step by step. Yes, you can read it in a book, but the intimacy of  teacher is so refreshing will fill you with confidence!


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