Too Much Time On Landing Pages

This post will be about how I spent too much time working on landing pages.

I do realize a “low fidelity” landing page is what is needed but I cant help how unrealistic and fake some pages are. I won’t share too much on the work just yet but I think its probably because I haven’t exercised my creativity for a long while. Either way, I try to minimize as much as I can and leave only what is needed. Also, to save time and avoid losing the attention of a potential costumer, I would like to offer them to take a survey as soon as they submit their email. I still don’t know if that is a good idea. It is a choice after all, no spam.

After five minutes of thought, I believe it would be a good way to offer an option to take the survey as soon as they submit their email. Why? Not only because we already have the customer’s attention, but If we save their emails and shoot out surveys later we might very well be lost in spam mail or just ignored.

Our tools for the survey might be Wufoo or SurveyMonkey, Personally, I prefer Wufoo, it’s more fun and they offer great templates to work around. More pleasing to the customer I’d say.


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