I heard a lot about bootstrapping and honestly the thing that freaks me out the most about the word is how it sounds like you are completely alone.

Your probably wondering what bootstrapping is if you don’t already know, Bootstrapping refers to the starting of a self-sustaining process that is supposed to proceed without external input. – Wikipedia ūüôā

Basically, you invest¬†the money, you do everything from coding, to designing, to market research, to everything. But that’s the whole point of why you are working on a start up. Yes, you will need help and yes, you should get help but not too much. Here’s an article on how to Bootstrap Your Business. Honestly, I don’t plan to do any coding.

Couple of points I liked from the article on why you should bootstrap.

  • Cash alone rarely solves problems
  • Do/Learn as much as possible
  • Allows you to maintain control
  • Keeps you out of debt

here’s a metaphor I came up with this weekend on a hiking trip to¬†Oman. As I was canyoning¬†through¬†valleys, pulling myself up with¬†the tiniest¬†of helps I can get from dents on rocks, I used the¬†strength of my muscles to pull me up and pushed on with the momentum. That is a very important part by the way, to keep your momentum. The more you stop and be careful, the slower and harder it will get, yes harder. Moral of the story, you need just a little bit of help, just a dent on the rock (that would be WordPress or Google analytics) to pull you up, and the rest is up to you, the momentum comes from within and that I believe is bootstrapping mentality.



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