“Get out of the building.” – Steve Blank


The quote that I’ve understood for the past month but still haven’t found a way to do. What does he mean? Just walk out and talk to a stranger about their past experiences with a certain problem I’m proposing to solve? Yes, apparently just that. I got an itch last night to just talk, just understand what is it that people want.

I started with a customer at home who gave  me honest feedback about what problems she’s faced in the past, if any, so I would know whether there’s something to solve or not. That’s what I need to get. Do people have the problem I think they have? If they do, then I’m half way to validating my customer segment. The other half is knowing whether they want to use the service I will be providing. Also, because its awesome.

  • Ask if people have had trouble with the certain problem you are looking to solve.
  • You don’t have to mention features.
  • Just listen to what they say. I’ve had friends ask about things that I later found to be the winning feature on some websites. People will really give you valuable feedback.

On a more serious level, you really have to let go of your ego, keep a very open mind, listen to what people want. Some of them might give you completely different ideas, ignore those people, they’re over advising. I’ve done that before.

Here’s a somewhat relevant video of Beyonce’s song Listen.


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