Data! Doesn’t mean it’s good but we have data!

I got my landing page done and sent it out for some friends to see and get feedback. Also, hoping they would sign up or “convert.” My conversion rate was so low within 2 days of sharing with friends, the rate was down to 8%. I was gutted. I still didn’t begin the Google Adwords campaign and was close to abandoning the landing page and building a new one. I thought to just go ahead with it, try out Google Adwords, it might get me more converts and to my surprise my conversion rate increased by 3% with just 13 more clicks through Google Adwords, going up to about 77 unique visitors from 64. The feeling of seeing change and more specifically positive change in results is just so rewarding. I really was quite upset until I saw this increase in conversions, it gives me hope that there is room for higher conversion rates. Let’s wait and see! I’ll post the results in a weeks time.




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