The Evolution

Well, I missed a couple of steps to share but I’ll try to help you catch up with where I am. I haven’t posted anything in a while as I felt things were not clear and my vision was clouded with excitement, anxiety, uncertainty, and all that crap. Well, after I was disappointed with a 4.98% conversion rate I learnt that that number is not all that bad. Its actually good. 10% is unicorns according to an article I read a while back. So we went on to evolve the idea into something a little more social because I found competitors in the same field and thought what can give us an edge? My favorite part of many different services is always the sense of community I gain. It keeps me going back for more. I choose Lyft over Uber for example, because it gives me a sense of community. So the concept evolved into a more social one… and in comes the Bahraini perspective. Not many seem to understand the concept  of a community here by the way. We, in the Arab world, tend to treat someone as guilty until proven innocent. And that is why our communities are small little closed circles. Anyways, lets leave that to the anthropologists. Point is gaining from feedback. The concept evolved from what it was to what it is because I listened to what people wanted. Mixed things from different ideas I had and merged them into what it is now. No I wont share it with you here in public. But here are some steps I took:

  • Surveys
  • Talked to people on the problem they face
  • tried to evolve the concept with the feedback
  • tested each concept after its modification with feedback

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