“If you say three things, you say nothing.”

So once the concept is finalised, you realise its flawed. Damn it. My mind goes back and forth zooming in and out of the concept. I could make 3 different businesses with what I’m thinking of. But its a trap. The reason why I’m hesitating now is because I started reading Made To Stick by Chip and Dan Heath. The most important concept I learnt so far is, “if you say three things, you say nothing.” You really distract your users, or customers when you try to do too many things at once. You have to boil things down to the most important idea. Sure there are many important things in your concept, but too many important things is distracting.

Second awesome thing I learnt is using a “Schema.” What is a schema? A schema is the known concepts you use to describe something new. For example, its much easier to say, an organic Coca Cola, rather than, a sparkling vanilla drink made with solely organic produce. Which one are you more likely to remember. The schema in that example is the coca cola. The example of a good schema the book Made To Stick uses is to describe a Pomelo. They describe it as a citrusy fruit with a coral or yellow colour with a bitter sweet flavour and a thick peel, or a Super-sized grapefruit. Which description are you most likely to remember? Easy, super-sized grapefruit. The grapefruit is the schema. You shouldn’t give people too much information or too many choices. This is how the pitch for Alien went; “like jaws on a spaceship.” This pitch earned $100 Million. Keeping things simple is better. You might feel like you don’t sound smart, but you are clear!

Theres a reason why the iPad came after the iPhone although it was invented before. In comes a cool concept called “feature creep.” You don’t want to creep your users out too early with many different features and widgets and buttons and boxes and texts and more buttons. Keeping things super simple is how to make your concept stick.


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