Company Registration in Delaware

Some of you might be thinking that maybe it’s taken us a while to register, however, we’re very happy to have registered after we validated our customer segment and refined our concept to exactly what people want and ONLY THEN can we think of a good name to match the concept. And mind you it takes me 3 full minutes to pick my breakfast at the coffee shop I’ve eaten at every morning for the past year. You’d think I know what I want by now. That’s partly the reason why we haven’t decided on a name till 3 weeks ago, which also delayed the company registration process.

Incorporating a company in Delaware is super easy. Here’s a How To Form for company registration by the State of Delaware. I’d say if you want to save yourself some time and because you will need an agent with an address in DE anyway, I recommend contacting an agent right away, don’t bother to go through the process on the State of Delaware’s Website. Incorporating Services Ltd. is the agency we are using to incorporate Localppl. They are so friendly, patient, and super helpful. I recommend you contact them immediately to register your company. On their website, be sure to state that you wish to incorporate in Delaware because they offer the service in many other states. Your agent will send you all the forms you need to fill out and will help you along the way.

The process takes 2- 3 weeks, we began 2 weeks ago however we had some issues on our side that caused some delays. One of them of course being name selection. Either way, the process is way easier than expected. Nothing to worry about for anyone who hasn’t done this.



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