Little Blue Birdie got us on Skift

Twitter has been an incredible window of exposure. I found myself accidentally tweeting someone from Skift and only later visiting the site did I figure out what Skift is! A Big Deal! I do remember stumbling upon Skift a while ago but didn’t register the name. Few days later we feature on Skift!

SkiftTake: There is a growing market for connecting locals and tourists on a peer-to-peer basis, but current P2P experience startups have yet to gain a following that matches other P2P platforms such as home rentals and car sharing

We think companies such as Airbnb and other “tangible” P2P platforms are paving the road to get travellers more comfortable to venture further to experience P2P platforms. Vayable is a travel experience platform for curated trips who has tried but hasn’t gained a huge following through curated trips but through customised trips. We’re going for a little more. Something a little more special. We want people to connect for the sake of meeting locals and we also want to offer something really intimate and local, and what better than local home made meals.

Can you see what we see? Tell us what you think!





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