Improving Conversion Rates

Our website started off with a very bloggy theme. We tried to work with that as we are a startup blogging our way from Start to Launch. Few days ago we noticed people would land and browse but conversions were so low. We were lucky to get one person to sign up with the way our blog was layed out. We changed to a more product or service oriented theme with Basis from WordPress. Through this theme, conversion shot up, we couldn’t even imagine it could be that good! The sign up button was the first thing people saw along with the mission.

WordPress themes to use for product oriented websites:

  • Basis – $75
  • Creative Collaboration – $69
  • Designfolio – $69
  • Forefron – $175
  • Ampersand – $75

Here’s why neglecting conversions is detrimental to your website.


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