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For those of you working on Startups, you’ll need all the self confidence you can get. With new quotations, invoices, certificates of incorporation, and so much more, things can get a little scary and a little too real. You start to think why your doing this to begin with. Theres really no reason to. Usually a few words of motivation help, sometimes all it takes is looking yourself in the mirror and saying you can do it, until you believe it. Sure, it can get a little awkward, but keep doing it until it doesn’t feel awkward, because the moment it feels natural is exactly the moment that you start believing!



The Skill of Self Confidence by Dr. Ivan Joseph at TEDxRyersonU is one of the best videos to learn the skill of self confidence. Dr. Joseph talks about his experiences as a football player and coach, how important self confidence is, and how to use it in every aspect of your life.

During college I watched a football player at a college game pump his fists looking straight (not down) and screamed, “Come on!” Right before a game. He made sure his opponents could here it. He turned to the stand pointed at his professor and asked her how many goals she wanted (also made sure everyone could hear it). She said 3. The player scored 2. This player motivated himself so confidently, almost arrogantly, but had he not, he probably wouldn’t have played as well as he did and wouldn’t have scored 2 goals. That skill of self confidence was learnt.




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