How Lots of A/B Testing Worked For Us

I tried this A/B testing on but I noticed I needed A/B/C/D/E/F versions to actually notice an improvement in conversions. A/B Testing is basically testing the same concept in different ways usually on landing pages. The first time I put up a landing page for and advertised on google adwords the way The Startup Owners Manual suggests, we got sh*tty results. With more than one page, different photos, and wording, sign ups were just weak! I thought theres no way people didn’t like the concept and there must be something we were doing wrong.

The concept behind localppl was too promising to brush aside from sh*tty conversion rates so we went ahead and figured we’d register and work on a page later while building the site because everyone we shared the concept with loved it and we needed to find a way to get that same reaction online in no more than 50 words. Then we built this site, a short “coming soon” sign up website to send people to. This is is getting the best conversion rates of all the landing pages we’ve made. I believe the reason for that is not only a good layout but also the fact that theres more than one thing going on. There’s a contact page, an about page, a blog, and that makes people feel that Localppl is more real than just a sign up page.

4 Tips that will be useful to know about A/B Testing:

  • Testing 2 versions of one page isn’t enough. You need to at least test out 2 pages with 2 versions!
  • Have your Value Proposition on your landing page. Show 3 benefits.
  • Have more than just a sign up page to look more legit.
  • When conversion rates are low don’t give up if you believe in a concept. Try again. This is the time to test test test, you’ll loose the least amount of money at this stage.

This is just what worked for me. I could’ve been lucky and gotten it right on the first time and might’ve advised you differently. This is just one more persons experience in A/B testing that you can learn from.

Here’s a great article on A/B Testing. Keeping it simple and taking things ONE step at a time is much easier. You wont have to over plan for something that might not work out.


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