The Difference Between A Business Coach And A Mentor

Recently, at Startup Bahrain’s Startup Morning event I met a business coach. I liked the idea of this mostly because I’m very comfortable with the idea of being coached. I’ve played football for many years and I felt like this is just the thing I need and am used to (also because I did not major in Business). Someone a little more technical than a supportive mentor.

My first experience was fantastic and definitely mirroring the kind of “coaching” I’m used to. Before this meeting I knew what kind of information to go for, I find it, register it in my head while still not sure what to do with it. However, same way the coach will tell you when to run on the field and what shots to take, a business coach will give you a clearer sense of direction.



A mentor I feel is just someone to go to and ask for advice on previous experiences. Which is also a very valuable source of knowledge! But a mentor won’t get too technical with you and sometimes you want to know what shots to take and what tackles to avoid based on facts.

Business Coaches

A business coach will guide you, encourage you, and help develop your business along the way. A coach however is not mean to hold your hand and walk you through the process but the coach will show you more direction than a mentor. A coach will, embarrassing as this may sound, check that you did your homework. I believe that having a teacher is important, even the greatest of artists refer back to their “masters.” I am not a master of anything, so for now I will do all the homework I am assigned.


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