The Pleasures and Struggles of Working with a Freelancer

When building a web app or mobile app, thanks to the internet, you are not restricted with talent. A diverse and wide range of talent exists on websites such as,, and

However there are some pros and cons to building such a digital team.

Challenging Communications Skills

With challenging communications through Skype and email, you are forced to be clear, and need to have your ideas thought out clearly. I tend to blurt things out, I go from A to D to C and B.
I had to learn to cut these things out and focus by organizing my thoughts and writing in sections I will be talking about. Things just get so exciting! You just can’t wait to tell the designer to add that awesome new feature!

Building Your Dream Team

With such a wide range of web developers, designers, and more, you get to build the team based on talent not scarcity. Going through profiles and portfolios, supported by ratings, you get to choose those that suit your project. A digital team is not all that bad. You’ll just have to learn to communicate clearly and, honestly, if you are creating a web app, you will need to know how to communicate through texts effectively to captivate your users, think of this as practice. Talking in person and in writing are two completely different things.

Scratching Backs

As an entrepreneur, you do yourself and a freelancer a favor when working together. You both want to make things happen, and you both are eager to create and prove yourselves – more than just make money.

Most Importantly: Budget

You can find designers and developers to fit any budget. Make sure to check portfolios though and ask for any past websites made. I’m so new to the field, so I know little about development and need to get familiar with a lot of things. I generally don’t understand when a developer speaks to me, I need to see something and use it to be able to point and tell them what I want on my website.

Another thing I like about using freelancers digitally is the ease of payments by the hour. Websites like allow you to track hours freelancers put in to your project. You can also agree on payments of work done off a computer.


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