6 Apps for the Traveling Foodie







Instead of browsing through countless anonymous reviews on Yelp or Trip Advisor, the editors of LocalEats do it for you. A carefully curated collection of restaurants, both Stateside and in major international cites, assures that you will eat like a local. No fast food chains allowed.

$0.99 – Available on Android and Apple




I like not having to communicate with snooty receptionists or maitre d’s. Open Table eliminates the middle man, and allows you to tap your way to a table at Per Se…if you’re lucky. It mostly caters to the US, but some international locations include Dubai, UK, Singapore etc. This app has over 27,000 restaurants in their data base and no service fees. You earn Open Table points which you can redeem for Dining Cheques at any Open Table restaurant. Sweet!

Free – Available on Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire, and Windows




Yes, foursquare. You’ll get honest reviews on here. Foursquare users are serious about where to eat. Yelp has the reputation of being unreliable. I still use it though. But foursquare is where its at. With over 40 million users worldwide, you’ll always have a local recommendation wherever your next trip might be. Not to mention the discounts when you check-in to certain places. Bargain hunters unite! We got a free plate of baklava once at a little Middle Eastern restaurant in London. It’s the app that gives you virtual and IRL* rewards. Win!

Pro tip: Foursquare has a more reliable GPS than Google Maps. Comes in handy when navigating the narrow streets of Istanbul whilst trying to find the best Lokantasi.

Free – Available on Android, Apple, and Windows

*in real life


  Roaming Hunger

On my bucket list this summer is to eat from as many cool food trucks as I can. I will rely on this app to hunt down Baby’s Badass Burger in Los Angeles. And then to ease my conscience, I’ll go looking for the Pressed Juicery truck. I think they’re parked somewhere in Malibu. Figures.

Free – Available on Apple



 Happy Cow

I am a fervent meat eater. So I wont be using this app anytime soon. But for those following a plant based diet, I salute you. The good people over at Happy Cow are here to serve the Vegetarian and Vegan community’s needs; via directing them to ‘safe’ places to eat. Their founder, Eric Brent, taught himself html, bought a domain, and established the leading guide for veg/vegan restaurants on the internet. Proof that your need can benefit many others. After reading this company’s ethos I might be persuaded to give a vegan place a try.

$2.99 on Apple  —  $2.49 on Android  —  $0.99 on Palm  —  $2.99 on Windows




Foodspotting is less about the restaurant and more about the dish itself. It’s driven by locals adding pictures of their favorite meals and desserts. Some are great, some not so. I’m talking about users posting a vanilla ice cream from McDonalds. That’s not what I’m here for. I’m here for Apple Pies, and Steak Tartare and Ramen, and Lemon Poppyseed Doughnuts! I guess it depends on your location. Obvs.


Free – available on Android, Apple, Windows, and Blackberry


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