A Few Startup Comparisons To Explain What We Do

Honestly, I did think it would be easy. Put up the website and people will just sign up but were not in San Francisco, people don’t just get the concept of bringing together travelers and locals through experiences, you need to be a little bit more technical when explaining something like Localppl. I try to compare it to other things like the guys from Made to Stick explained. So what is Localppl in a nutshell? Well, here are a couple of annoying startup “its like ____ but for ___” I put together.

  • It’s like craigslist but for things to do with locals.
  • It’s like couch surfing for experiences but its not free.
  • It’s like a supermarket but you find experiences on the shelves instead of jam and get to practice a language while your at it.
  • It’s like Lyft but for experiences instead of car rides.
  • It’s like Lyft but for practicing a language instead of car rides.

I would like to share the fact that we will be having a “secret” new feature instead of another one. After our research and studies we found that this “secret” new feature is more suitable for you lucky travelers and locals.


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