Eat Like A Local: Portofino

Everyone is a foodie nowadays. We certainly are and you probably are too. If so, you’ll wanna follow us around the globe for the most delectable eats and yummy sweets in our EAT LIKE A LOCAL series. From Michelin star tables to curb side food trucks, we don’t discriminate. We just want to find some good food. 

Away from the touristic piazza is the Trattoria Concordia. We were lead here by a happy accident, well, it wasn’t so happy at the time. Anyway, what I’ve learned is that several restaurants  close on Wednesday, which makes a table in Portofino worth more than your weight in gold. And if not for the friendly man who worked at the Hotel Eden, we never would’ve found this place. We asked him if the hotel had a restaurant, he said “no, BUT, there’s a nice spot up the street…”

Skip now to the part where we actually found a table, sat down, and wiped our brow after an exasperating climb uphill. No I’m kidding it wasn’t that tiring. The restaurant is located just above the car park behind the marina, and the little climb is there to weed out the lazy tourists. For this place attracts the locals. And you know how much a foodie loves discovering the more ‘authentic’ place to eat.

The food was great. The kind of food that makes you want to kiss your fingers. Memorable only for its simple yet robust flavor. I had the Spaghetti with garlic and olive oil and was very content. We also ordered the Veal Scaloppini with Lemon, Spaghetti alle Pesto, and the house specialty Spaghetti with Crabs. Granted there is no view of the port, this place makes up for it in friendly service, and delicious food at a very reasonable price. So go ahead. Skip the Puny, Marinaio, and Stella, and walk up the road less travelled. If you need more convincing, Andrea Bocelli likes to eat here. So there. 🙂

5 Via del Fondaco



T: 0185 269207


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