South African Sky Safari: Adventure Like a Local



Using a local lens to discover a place is not limited to navigating narrow roads or exploring off-the road attractionsExperiencing the city from a different angle is what makes you a local traveler, and what better way to do this than from the sky-downwards.

This is me. I’m picking my nose at almost 2,000 meters above ground. My arab heritage prevents me from acclimating to the cold, crisp air, and I feel like floating camel. Although my nose is wet and my mouth is dry, an overwhelming feeling of calmness overtakes me as I fly over beautiful Lion’s Head; I feel a mixture of serenity and a contrasting gush of adrenaline. Cape Town is a gem! If you are a thrill seeker and you are not scared of heights, paragliding over this gorgeous city is for you! My flight was like a dream; I was riding the clouds and almost hugging the mountains! Although I never tried skydiving and therefore have no credibility when it comes to comparing the two,  I really believe that paragliding is a better experience.  Here’s why: unlike the quick euphoric feeling that skydiving produces,  the pace of the paragliding allows you to absorb everything around you while maintaining that elevated spiritual feeling. I was telling Frekkie, my flight instructor who was strapped to my back, that I felt like I was a “superhero on a South African sky safari.” I was flying above vibrant houses, aqua-blue waters,  and lush grand mountains! All I needed was a cape and a big S on my chest. Frekkie soon snapped me out of my delusion by handing me a stick Gro-pro device, he wasn’t going to let my spiritual babble prevent me from capturing this awesome flight and sharing the experience with my family and friends!

Gliding is weather dependent, so make sure its not too windy the day you decide to fly. However, most paragliding companies will offer a voucher for a second-try if the day does not permit. So no need to worry; you will not get penalized! Getting to your flight departure area is also easy. Just turn up Signal Hill drive and you should see some cars parked along the side of the road and a wooden hut on the corner. The boys from Cape Town Tandem Paragliding should be waiting for you there if you choose to fly with them.

My flight began from Signal Hill and ended by Green point’s waterfront. After landing safely, I wiped the snot from the tip of my nose, and walked to Hudson’s from a choc mint milkshake.


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