Prototyping Tools

I’ve been thinking how to start negotiations with companies who have the customers we need. Problem is I have nothing to show them other than some great pages designed but no interactive prototype.Unfortunately that slows down the negotiation process, I have nothing to show. I spoke to a friend, Moeez Ali, about this issue. Moeez is working on Milk, an app that finds inspiration from others and allows you to shop it all in one place.

I shared the issue with Moeez and he suggested some prototyping Web apps such as Flinto and from there I went on to find some pretty good ones such as Solidify and  InVision. Create a prototype at any stage, once you start wire framing or after you design, you’ll be able to show anyone and get feedback and make your adjustments before you launch. Also its extremely helpful when it comes to negotiations, you’ll be able to actually show an interactive version of your designed pages.



Flinto is specific to mobile app prototyping, its super easy to use, once you make your selection you can just drag the selection to the page you want to link it to. I found this to be so easy and intuitive, however, its only for mobile apps. Flinto allows you to download the prototype as if it was an app, which I think is pretty cool.



I really liked this prototyping software but it just didn’t work so well for me. It didn’t save well and I lost a lot of the work I did. I would recommend it if it worked better.. but it didn’t. You can also get feedback with solidify and save all comments and input from users.



This is my favourite prototyping app! Really easy and you can create prototypes for all types of screens (mobile, tablets, and desktops) It’s not as intuitive as Flinto though. I recommend working with InVision for all types of screens other than mobile, thats Flinto’s field and they just do it so well. You can share your prototype live with your team or customers and collect feedback.

I really enjoyed working on it and I’m really excited to get some feedback to improve the user journey. Email us at localppl [at] to try out the prototype and give us some feedback!



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