Recruiting ‘Local’ Users

The recruitment process has been a hassle this past few weeks. No one really answers calls during Ramadan and everyone is on vacation after that. Life in the Middle East is on hold. On the plus side this gives us time to think of a better and more efficient recruitment process instead of your good old arab approach of stroking egos.

The process I am thinking of is more direct, simple, and electronic (this might scare the arab that hasn’t adopted the internet for anything other than instagram). Following up and nagging, sending out an incentive… a shirt? or a pocket knife? (I wonder about the weird things startups have thought of as incentive gifts.)

4 important things to mention when recruiting the first few ‘locals’:

  • Why them

 Why we think they’re special and why we want them to be one of the first users on there.

  • Benefits

 Simple, in what ways will that person benefit and what incentives will you offer.

  • Next Steps

Make it clear what you need them to do.

  • Full time customer service 

For a new concept, this is very important as a lot of people will have questions about a lot of things that might come natural to you (The Curse of Knowledge). You need to be available 24hrs a day.


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