Localppl for the ill-informed Local

Juan and the City of Miami are on the verge of a breakup. Once a committed lover to his city, Juan becomes distant and cannot stand Miami’s inability to provide him with healthy food options. He considers leaving but Miami lets down her guard and gives him a reason to stay: Choices Café.

(this is a text exchange between a man and a whole city. They’re in a relationship. It’s kind of weird but It works if you make it work)

Juan_John3244: I love you for your wet sands and tropical trees, bright city lights and colorful skins. I’m so lucky to be here with you. I often spiral into your beauty but then I remember your lack of healthy food choices and I snap out of it. I. Snap. Out. Of. It. Miami, I’ve lived here for so long and consider myself a “local” but I can never get a healthy bite to eat anywhere. I leave the gym extremely hungry and ask myself “Where do I go?” I’ve had Whole Food’s for the thousandth time and I’m tired of navigating through the same aisles. Organic good-to-my-body food is all I ask. I love you but you have to give me a reason to stay. My body comes first.

MiamiDynasty_305: Juan, I feel responsible and would like to mend our relationship. I’m opening up to you and urging you to visit Choices Café in Brickell. I’m not winning your heart back with just flowers; I’m giving you a whole plant-based food cafe! It’s catered primarily to vegans but you’ll be surprised to find that most of their customers are omnivorous health nuts just like you! It’s a spectacular place that turns earthy organic foods into exotic and taste-worthy delicacies; It’s amazing how your tongue can be fooled to think its eating real meat when your actually munching on soy chorizo (successfully avoiding preservatives and cholestrol). Choices uses Latin American spices like cayenne pepper and Asian/Indian curried fusions to recreate American staples ranging from burgers to burritos to salads. You can have comfort food made with real love! Go for the gentil lentil burger with sweet potato fries or the chili con kale for lunch; hearty and healthy foods guaranteed to make you stay, I promise.


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