Eat Like A Local: Los Angeles


As I’m getting my hair done at arguably the coolest blow dry bar on the sunset strip “Dry Bar”, I decide to ask my hairstylist where she like to go to eat. She says, “Ooh there’s this really great place in Larchmont…” “Don’t tell me it’s Cafe Gratitude” I said. “YES!” She exclaimed!


I have one more day in L.A at this point. Cafe Gratitude has been on my must visit list for months now and I hadn’t made it yet. But of course I did, didn’t I. And now I’m going to tell you why you should go too.

L.A has always been the health conscious, organic, macrobiotic, “locally grown”, vegan capital of the world. And if that’s the case then Cafe Gratitude is it’s head quarters. Home to nothing but vegan, vegetarian and sometimes raw options, this place is a naturopath’s dream! And my mom’s nightmare. Bless her heart, she thoroughly enjoys her preservative laden foods and adipose meaty meals. Nonetheless she reluctantly orders the blueberry pancakes (gluten free of course) and a cappuccino with almond milk. I ordered a cappuccino too in order to encourage her. She literally flinched when the waiter said “almond milk.”

I on the other hand relished the strawberry apple muffin (gluten free of course!) Honestly this cafe would be a blessing anywhere. They have multiple kale salads. They have macrobiotic oatmeal bowls. They have a tempeh scramble. I mean seriously. This place is SO L.A even for L.A. And I love it!
With salad names like Fulfilled, Dazzling, and Gracious; and sandwiches like Happy, Magical and Awesome; you’ll leave feeling like all those things combined. If you’re like me.

If you’re like my mom, you’ll think it’s a wacky once in a while experience and feel like, quote, “an essential ingredient is missing.” Yes mom, you’re right, something is missing, flour.

PS. I love the I AM… affirmations throughout the cafe.

PPS. And when you’re done with your food the plate begs the question, “What are you grateful for?” Indeed. Philosophy and a good meal. My kind of place.

639 Larchmont Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Sun-Thurs 8am-10pm
Fri-Sat 8am-11pm



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