Why I Walked For 7 Days: Tour Du Mont Blanc

When the Von Trapp family ran away from Salzburg, Austria to Switzerland it made no sense to me as a 10 year old watching The Sound of Music. How long does it take to walk from one city to another? I always wanted to experience what It feels like to journey like that, and not just anywhere but in the Alps. So I found myself an extended hiking trip, the Tour du Mont Blanc. Six days, through three countries: France, Italy, and Switzerland. Pretty big deal!  Bet you didn’t know, because I didn’t either.

 Some hikers on the trip have had the dream of completing the Tour Du Mont Blanc for decades, others like me, found themselves on this trip spontaneously, booking it no more than a week before.


I read somewhere deep in the internet that setting mini goals for your self along with bigger goals helps keep your confidence up and belief strong. Thats definitely what I need here with Localppl. I need to believe that I can accomplish something I am not an expert at or something that I thought was impossible.


Honestly, I was very under prepared, physically that is. I didn’t do any kind of training or strengthening which was not being very responsible but I just enjoy hiking so much that the struggle didn’t matter to me. I wasn’t physically ready to take on such a challenge but I really wanted to. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Experiencing this trip has showed me that if I wanted to accomplish something that seemed impossible at first, I would have to let my determination overcome my fear of failing.

Just do it

No, I wasn’t prepared. I was hanging around on a beach for ten days doing be achy things, that wasn’t the best way to prepare for a 7 day trek in the Alps but, another startup lesson, just do it. Whether you know how or not, whether your prepared or not, just do it.

Hypnotic Benefits

You ever try to stop thinking? Hard, right? There have been so many times where I sat down and tried to meditate and think of nothing. Impossible. My mind gets flooded with ideas, problems, and stress. On the Tour du Mont Blanc, I only realised, when we stopped for breaks that I wasn’t thinking. I realised how relaxed I felt. As I explained this to a fellow hiker, Wendy, she described the trek as being hypnotic. I couldn’t get over the idea. You have no time to think, all your mind does is think about the next steps you’ll be taking and anticipating the path ahead of you.


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