How to Get Rid of Chocolate and Peaches

Listen, I know what I’m about to talk about might sound pretty simple and obvious to you, its something pretty obvious to sales people, but it wasn’t so obvious to me until I had an experience needing to get rid of food at pic nics with 14 other people.

I’ve read about Segmenting Customers and different marketing techniques but I never really got it until I had my experience with sales at a picnic. Somethings just need to click for you to completely get it. How many How-To books have you read on anything? Does it help? Kind of. But you don’t really get something till you figure it out yourself. Till you have an experience related to what you want to learn.

Sales Techniques I Learnt at a Pic Nic

During a hiking trip, the other hikers and I shared our lunches every day. We all carried a little bit of food in our backpacks, sharing the responsibility. We also brought some personal items like chocolate and shared them. Some food would be left behind and that means you’d have to carry it. As a result, the people with the best sales techniques managed to get rid of their leftovers. On my second day, I tried to offer some chocolate by waving it around screaming, “Chocolate, anyone?” Results: A super low conversion rate. I only managed to get rid of half of my chocolate! Impossible, it’s chocolate, why the hell doesn’t anyone want chocolate? I targeted everyone at the same time in the same way, that was my mistake.

On the very first day, Lou, was struggling to pack a bag of peaches in her backpack and so she tried to get rid of them. Here’s the thing that made Lou give away every single peach in that bag. She went to every single person and offered them a peach and mentioned a few benefits with a smile and excitement. “Do you want a peach?!” She said with her happy German accent, “it’s so juicy!” “Mmm, sure, why not” every single one of us said.

So I tried what Lou did on my last day of the trip. I got a pack of chocolate to share with the crew. This time I offered it to every single person, the results: amazing! I got down to one piece of chocolate! I couldn’t manage to do that on my second day. Promote on a personal level rather than waving a product to people from a distance (general Ads). Now I get targeted ads! Consumers won’t come to you, doesn’t mean they don’t want your service or product, they might not know you have it, or maybe they just need a little convincing and a little push.

Try it, next time you need to sell something approach your customers individually or in segments (cheaper). Separate the different types of customers you have and approach them separately. Personalize your ads to those specific groups. Facebook is perfect for that. Another technique taught to us by a social media marketing expert, Moeez founder of the Milk app, is to approach people personally on social media platforms. Twitter is perfect for that. Heres an example of how the Milk app effectively approaches individuals and help solve their problems.


Last updated: Sunday, Septemeber 7, 2014. Title changed from Sales Techniques I learnt at a pic nic to How to Get Ride of Chocolate and Peaches.


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