Get to Know Yourself


I just spent the most amazing week of my life in a small town called Seaford, between Brighton and Eastborne, on the South coast of England. I did a course called the Hoffman Process, where I learned so much about myself. It was lead and organized by professionals in an old English house called Florence House. All students were asked to hand in cellphones, laptops, and reading material on the first day, and we had no contact with the outside world whatsoever. At first, I had the shock of my life, being surrounded by strangers in the middle of nowhere. Now that I’m out of there, I realize just how much I needed it. I spent everyday out in nature, journaling, thinking, and becoming aware of the beauty that surrounded me. I have never felt this enlightened before. After my week at Florence House, in Seaford, I can now say that I have learned how to be at peace with myself. The natural beauty surrounding the house, the warm company of individuals going through the same process, and the moments of pure silence and meditation, has made me so aware of everything around me. I ran around all by myself, climbed trees, picked flowers, and got to enjoy my inner child for an entire week. I now feel grounded and deeply cherish this wonderfully warm experience, and would highly suggest anyone whose interested in getting to know him/herself better to shove the outside world aside for a week, and simply be free, in this positive little world.   If interested in applying for the Hoffman Process, this is the link to their webpage (courses are held in different countries all around the world):   This is the link to Florence House specifically (it also holds many other meditation, yoga, and personal growth workshops and courses):


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