Eat Like A Local: Istanbul

It took me ages to find Tatbak on the back streets of Nisantasi thanks to the incompetence of google maps. 200ft this way. No. 400ft that way. Back and forth back and forth, and on the wrong street no less. And just before my group and I almost gave up looking for it, we found it. Do you know those sentences that always start out like, “ tucked away in the back alleys of…” yeah, this place is exactly that. Why did I make such a fuss trying to look for it? I don’t know. But what I do know is there wasn’t a single tourist around. My mom even said these people here look like regulars. I was so pleased.

Now the food was not spectacular, but it was very very satisfying. Turkish food ranks in one of my top 3 world cuisines. I’m just crazy about lehmecun and dolma and eggplant anything! I remember the kebab with yogurt at Tatbak. It was the first time I’d tried the combo and thinking that I’ll order this somewhere else next time. Well, Tatbak does it better than anywhere else I’ve had in Turkey. And their Lehmecun (pronounced lah-MA-june) is one of their specialties. It’s basically a meat pizza without the tomato sauce and cheese.

This is one of the gems of the city. I would highly recommend trying to find it. Sorry I don’t have any tips on doing so. But I do know how to get there on foot.


Valikonagi Cad. Akkavak Sok. No.28/A | +902122461306





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