Alpine Home

Looking out into the distance, seeing nothing but snow-capped mountaintops, is where I feel at home. Breathing in fresh mountain air, whilst sipping on elderberry juice and listening to the continuous sound of buzzing bees and chirping birds, provides me with harmony and peace. Gazing out into the void spotting three different countries from one spot; Germany, Italy, and Austria, all at once; that’s when you notice how small our planet really is. The place I am describing to you is Innsbruck, Austria. Here, one can definitely experience what it feels like to be part of nature. I visit Innsbruck at least twice a year to see my grandmother, who lovingly prepares the most authentic Austrian dishes, from apricot dumplings, to apple strudel. I enjoy going for long runs through the woods, past waterfalls, and old churches. Along the way, hikers and bicyclists pass me by with friendly greetings. Many of them are over 70 or 80 years old. I have never seen people more in shape before in my life. Looking at their faces, one can automatically tell how nature plays such a vital part in their lives. With each step that I take, I float further away from everyday chaos. I run through the forests, feeling freer than ever, with tall pine trees passing me by, as their intense scent envelopes me. For anyone whose having a stressful day, I suggest you walk out into nature and allow your senses to be awoken.


For anyone who is interested in visiting Innsbruck, Austria, contact me, and I’ll be happy to share my jogging trails (



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