Eat Like A Local: Nice/Cannes

Ok let’s get the old adage out of the way…Nice is nice but we Cannes do better…That’s totally lame I know, but I couldn’t help it! I’m sure that’s what the people over at Pizza Cresci thought too. Pizza Cresci, or simply La Pizza, opened their doors in December of 1956 on rue Masséna in Nice, a once sleepy Mediterranean town on the southern coast of France. After major success in Nice they set their eyes on the glamour of neighboring Cannes and planted their pied-à-terre right by the Old Port/Le Suquet.

So one night, as we were walking past the old port we noticed a really long line at the pizzeria. Normally I’d shy away from such places but for some reason that line prompted my curiousity. Fast forward to the next week, we found ourselves having lunch at La Pizza at the original Niçoise location. (There was no line in Nice…just sayin’)

As a rule of thumb I always order the Margherita pizza as a gauge to which I base my opinion on a pizzeria’s performance. This pizza, was by far the most decadent piece of cheese on bread I’ve ever had. The mozzarella was so fresh, so stringy, so un-mozzarella-y (you know what I mean, non of that processed stuff). And I don’t even like mozzarella! Another gauge I have for a restaurant’s success is whether or not they make me like something I was perviously averse to. In this case it’s obviously the cheese. La Pizza gets a 10/10. Something I rarely give out. Locals and tourists both dine at La Pizza Cresci. That’s why its always so jam packed night after night! I wouldn’t miss it the next time I find myself in the Côte d’Azur.

34 rue Massena
Nice, France
3 Quai St Pierre
Cannes, France



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