Imagine picking rice at a rice farm with a farmer in Vietnam, or milking a camel in Bahrain. We want to make that possible. We want to help travelers live like locals, meet locals, and gain authentic experiences and we’re looking to do that by creating an online marketplace where travelers can directly buy experiences from knowledgable locals. So if your a local and want to show what your towns about and have some unique experiences to share with travelers, you can monetise on your knowledge on Localppl.

Current Locations: Bahrain

Be a local

Why we’re doing this

This all started when I found myself spending over 5 hours looking for an organised trip to Oman and over 10 calls trying to book it. I realised the Middle East isn’t online and I want to help make it easier for other who are looking for adventure, like me, to find it.

I’ve been on many adventure trips and nothing makes me happier than standing at the edge of a mountain or biking down a hill with mud on my face and having a rustic meal cooked up by a local at my travel destination. So I decided to build Localppl, an online marketplace where travelers can find and book authentic experiences directly from Locals.

– Zain Al K.


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