Biking into the Past: Dilmun and the Garden of Eden.


This bike tour allows you to envision the Garden of Eden that Bahrain was said to be (according to the tales of Gilgamesh) and gives us a glimpse into Dilmun’s civilization in the town of Barbar. Perceived as Heaven, Bahrain was used as a burial ground due to its lush landscapes and abundance in natural springs.

Some of the stops we make are at Bani Jamrah where we’ll visit the textile weavers. You can even get your own fabrics or “wzar” that is worn around the waist for most traditional fishermen.
We then bike over to a farm where the landscape gives you a feel of how Gilgamesh portrayed Bahrain as the Garden of Eden. We’ll take a look at some of the vegetation that grows in our lush island irrigated with an old Bengali technique using natural spring water. We stop by the Barbar temple and enjoy a picnic under the shade of a tree and head back to Jasra Organic Farm.

Routes are subject to change based on guide’s judgement of customers’ biking ability, weather, or shops timings and more.



November / December – May


3 – 4 hours

Spots Available

15 Max

1 person2 people3 – 15 people
55 BHD each38  BHD each25 BHD each

Payment Policy

What’s included

Bike, Helmet, Picnic

احجز الآن