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  • Bike through one of the greenest parts of the island.
  • Explore the Seef Area & Portuguese Fort
  • Hidden beach
  • Visit a handicraft center and the beach on our bikes.
  • Rose Water Factory
  • Organic Farm
  • Explore Manama Souq on our bicycles

About your guide:

An island gal at heart, she appreciates the gentle things in life: memorable pictures, orange sunsets, hammocks, and bicycles. There is nothing that stops Hessa from making the most of what is around her as she enjoys the simple things. Whenever you want to make a difference or soak up some feel-good vibes, find her on instagram @Global.wheels.


First off, we’ll meet at the Bahrain Financial Harbor & bike all the way down to the Korneish onto the Seef area. Well visit the Bahrain Fort and well head down to Karannah to visit a famous basket weaver where we’ll get to learn the basics of basket weaving. By making a basket, you are creating something that can be used. Just as early Bahrainis made baskets to care and store things. In bahrain, the palm tree is a sacred tree and a symbol of survival and practicality.

Once we’ve had enough, we’ll ride our bikes over to Nurana beach to learn about the simple ways fishermen create their own hooks and techniques to catch fish throughout the season. Well have a break at the beach where sandwiches and snacks will be provided. If anyone cares to swim get your bathing suit along!

On our way back, well bike over to an organic farm where you’ll  get to meet local farmers and get to take home a fresh batch of seasonal vegetables. Just as we’re heading back to the manama area, well pass by the traditional manama souq to explore open markets and little india.

Whats included:

  • Bike
  • Helmets
  • Water
  • Sandwiches
  • Tea + Arabic Coffee
  • Snacks


Manama, Karannah, Nurana, Bahrain


3 1/2 hours


19 BD/Person

Book This Tour


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