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  •  Walk through Muharraq narrow alleyways with a local Muharraqi.
  • Learn about the culture and traditions of Bahrain
  • Visit some of the old neighborhoods around the Souq.
  • Tour a traditional Bahraini sweet factory famously known as halwa (subject to opening hours)
  • Visit a local carpentry workshop to see the traditional Arabic architecture.
  • Visit old tea shops (Qahwa) where old Bahraini men play traditional board games.
  • Visit traditional Bahraini ‘Sout’ music house – Mohamed Bin Fares.


Your HOST: Rasha Yousif

Rasha Yousif is a Bahraini photographer passionate about documentary and travel photography focusing on culture, architecture and traditional ways of living.



A cultural tour in Muharraq Souq; one of the oldest souqs in Bahrain. Tour the souq with a local Muharraqi street-photographer. Learn about the culture and traditions of Bahrain. We will walk
through the narrow alleyways to explore the beautiful architecture of the traditional design
buildings. We’ll also visit the oldest part of the souq known as Souq Alqaisareya. The souq is full of shops selling spices, Arabic sweets, embroidery and famous Bahraini gold. We’ll visit some of the restored houses like Mohammed Bin Fares museum and Bait Jamshir. We will also stop by old qahwa (tea shops) and chat with old men. The tour can also be customized based on interest.


Duration: Approximately three to four hours.

Location: We will meet near Muharraq post office.

Price: 15 BD/person.  $40/ person.

Discounts available for groups of 4 and more.

What’s included 

  • Entry fees to any of the heritage sites
  • Breakfast or a light meal
  • Tea at a local coffee shop
  • Street-photography tips and guidance
  • Ice-cream from a popular local shop
  • Souvenir

Days of the week available: Weekends any time. Weekdays evenings only.


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