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Your Host: Khalid Aljabri

A self-taught Bahraini street photographer, for the past four years Khalid has been documenting the area of Manama souq as part of an on going project, to document the beauty and long forgotten history of places and stories within the old city of Manama.Highlights


  • A walk through Manama’s spiritual landmarks including one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Bahrain, Alfadhel mosque with its glorious manarats, the stunning Al A’ajam grand ma’atam with its mesmerizing persian design.
  • Traditional food tour which includes the 50 years old popular Haji Cafe for a Bahraini breakfast, lunch or dinner, snacks from the popular Basheer’s Aloo and spicy samosa, Halwa; a traditional Bahraini sweet at the remarkable spices road and finally a cup of tea at the famous Abdulqader traditional cafe for a real Bahraini experience.
  • Bait Khalaf “Khalaf’s house”, is a beautiful Bahraini house and a historical site which recently has been renovated to hold a museum that tells the history of Manama and the Khalaf family.
  • Underground artistic-photography tour through manama souq to discover its hidden gems and untold stories.


A tour in Manama Souq (market). located in the heart of the capital of Bahrain. In a journey through its historical alleys and places which are considered one of the oldest communities on the island.



3 hours.
Weekends: from 8am to 11am & 4pm to 7pm | Weekdays: 4:30pm to 7:30pm


Bab Albahrain, Manama, Bahrain.


BHD 15\- per person

What’s included in the price:

  • Breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • Dessert
  • Beverages.

Days of the week available:

All Week

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