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  • A stroll through the village and a visit to Majlis AlDhaif, the Graveyard and the ma’atim
  • A visit to one of the farmlands
  • A visit to Damistan’s Beach
  • A boat ride to a man-made island
  • Watching the sunset at Damistan beach


About Your Guides

Mohamed Nasser Abdullah

A member in Damistan’s Local Committee who works in decorating and designing ornaments and is active in developing Damistan beach and beautifying the village.

Speaks: Arabic


Hamza Ahmed Hilal (Abu Ahmed)

A member in Damistan’s Local Committee who works in contracting and is an active contributor in organizing events at the village and the beach.

Speaks: Arabic

For an english speaking guide, request it in the booking form here.



Enjoy a stroll down Damistan and view the beauty of the island that lies between its palm trees and the sea. Through the walk you shall uncover secret places and hear fascinating stories about the village. Do not miss the picturestique view of the sun as sets over the boats and trees at Damistan Beach.

Most of the revenue from this experience will go into further developing Damistan beach! This will be under the guidance of Damistan Local Committee with the help of Mawane (@mawane_bh), an independent, non-profit initiative that mounts thought-provoking exhibitions, talks and workshops along the Bahraini coastline.




Damistan Village and Beach, Bahrain

26.122296, 50.462258 (Google maps coordinates)



4 hours




Includes meal and boat ride


Book This Tour


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