Experience: An activity or tour offered using the Localppl platform.

Local: An individual who offers an Experience using the Localppl platform.

Localppl: The online platform used to connect Locals and Users with the opportunity to have Experiences as defined in this section. Localppl shall also be used to describe any representative or employee of Localppl LLC authorised to communicate with the User.

Traveler: A Traveler is an individual who purchases an Experience on Localppl.com

User: A User is any individual who registers an account on localppl.com or uses the Localppl platform. This term is inclusive of both Travelers and Locals as defined above.


Localppl is an online platform for “Locals” (guides, Locals, and companies) to sell “Experiences” (activities and tours) to Travelers at a particular destination that they are offering the “Experience” in. “Locals” execute the Experiences with the Traveler they have sold their Experience to.
Experiences shall hereinafter be referred to as the “Experience” or the “Services”. Being a member or User of the Services means that a Local is willing to be listed publicly and to be contacted by other Users willing to participate in an Experience.


Localppl is a platform for Travelers and Locals to meet online and arrange for Experiences. Localppl does not operate any activities or “Experiences”, nor is it a provider of tours or activities, and Localppl does not own, sell, resell, provide, manage and/or control any transportation or tour services. Localppl’s responsibilities are limited to: (i) facilitating the availability of the Services; (ii) serving as the online platform agent of each Local for the purpose of accepting payments from Travelers on behalf of the Local; and (iii) making Locals’ profiles available for contact with other Users. Localppl is not responsible for any action taken by any of the Users of Localppl online or offline and Localppl is not responsible for any agreement made between Travelers and Locals.


Localppl reserves the right to investigate and discontinue, pause, or cancel any Experience that is reported by a User to be inappropriate, or has not been reported about.


Localppl is not liable for

  1. physical damages of participants;
  2. damages to equipment, in all Services offered on Localppl. Arrangement of all insurance, if needed, is the responsibility of the Local or Traveler.


The “Local’s Duty” is to follow through with the Experience and itinerary presented on the “Experience” profile unless;

  1. the Traveler requests a modification
  2. Weather conflicts with the Experience and/or it’s schedule, then the Local reserves the right to modify, cancel, or postpone according to his/her knowledge and experience and notify the Traveler accordingly.

Any agreements made between the Traveler and the Local are not the responsibility of Localppl.


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