The Muharraq Experience


When was the last time you followed scent? A waft of Halwa will gently wrap itself around you, pick you up and show you to its source in the Souq of Muharraq.

In this historical town, we will explore the newly built pearling path with a gorgeous museum holding incredible jewellery and stories of the Pearling industry one of the most successful in all of history.

We will explore all the delicious street foods and traditional dishes on offer. We will visit a Halwa factory (Mornings only), walk through the souq, try some Matai; a traditional snack originating from India.

We then explore the gorgeous Bahrain Pavilion presented at the Milan Expo 2015 which won 2nd place for Architectural design and has been reassembled in Muharraq. We’ll visit a typical traditional Bahraini house with a beautiful courtyard and a wind tower where you can take some great photos and envision a traditional Bahraini lifestyle (pre-oil era).

As a part of this tour, we may also have the chance to visit the Dhow Workshop, one of only 3 in the Gulf with only 3 dhow boat engineers. You will get to marvel at their work and get to know the boats What’s so cool about them? How long does it take to build? How far do they go? Can I get on one!?

As always, we cant wait to take you where we go.



October – May


3 hours

Spots Available

15 Max

1 person 2 people 3 – 15 people
42 BHD each 26 BHD each 16 BHD each

Payment Policy

Whats included

Tastings, coffee, site entrance tickets