Pearl Shucking Experience



One of the most important experiences in Bahrain is to go pearl diving but for some of you who fear sharks (just kidding) or don’t have the time to do so – here’s an opportunity to have a one-on-one experience with a modern day Bahraini pearl diver, Mohamed Slaise.

Mohamed will brief you about the history & modern day pearl industry in Bahrain. You’ll then learn how to open (shuck) oysters in search of natural genuine Bahraini pearls.

The general studies show that the ratio of finding 2-3 mm pearls is 1 in 100 to increase your chances, we will provide you with a hundred oysters in the experience in hopes to give you a good chance returning home with a pearl for the mother of pearls. Your mom?



October – May


1.5  – 2 hours

Spots Available

10 Max


20 BHD / Person

Whats included

Oysters, equipment to shuck.

Keep in Mind


If  your Allergic to shellfish this experience might not be advisable

It’s a messy operation so get ready to get dirty – if you don’t want to get messy our tour guide will be more than happy to do so for you.

If  you’re short sighted please don’t forget to bring your glasses.

Please contact your mother before attending the experience and ask for her blessing & if she is no longer with you, send her a prayer full of love and forgiveness.