India: Ecovillage and Holi Festival

Where we’re going?

Palghar, India. (2hrs north of Mumbai)

When we’re going?

March 16 – 22, 2019

How much will it cost?

475 BHD / person (shared room for 2)

600 BHD / person for private room

What’s included?

EVERYTHING (yoga, tours, meals, excursions etc.) Flight not included.

What we’ll do?

Eco tour of the village. Exploring the animal Barn, Permaculture, waste management systems.

Yoga Ashtanga, Nidra


Wisdom talks

Cooking course




COW DAY: Goshala visit, Cow economy and talk, Cow bathing, Making Cow Dung cakes

Warli Artists visit

What we’ll eat?

Sattvic Vegetarian Food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner included)

Sattvic diet is a diet based on foods in Ayurveda and Yoga literature that contain the quality (guna) sattva. In this system of dietary classification, foods that decrease the energy of the body are considered tamasic, while those increase the energy of the body are considered rajasic.

A sattvic diet is meant to include foods and eating habits that are “pure, essential, natural, vital, energy-containing, clean, conscious, true, honest, wise”.

What to pack?

Loose comfortable clothing

Scarf (for temples)

yoga pants


Sports wear

1 slippers

1 closed shoe

Yoga mat (optional)

Extras for you?

Ayurvedic center. Feel free to get any treatments you like at the center!

Suggested Flights:

Gulf Air

Outbound (16/22 March)

Bahrain- Mumbai – Depart 11:30 – 15:30 (Indian time)

Non- stop flight

Inbound (22/30 March)

Mumbai to Bahrain Depart 18:20 – Land 19:40 (Bahrain Time)

Non-stop flight